Fu suddenly looked up, a pair of pupils full of sharp. Jun face suddenly sank, cold opening, said I know she was at home, called her out Sounds subsidence, not people beak Chapter 79 wrong wrong, bully wrong Jiang Twain Yan s brow suddenly tightened, he did not know what happened, but his sister said that because of a.trivial matter to Li Fu was upset, Ask him to help block a block, but Revered Pride arrogant, will find a door because of a trivial matter Look at his look, you know, is not a trivial matter. This Li Master, poetry children is really not. Jiang Mu Isaca Certification Yan s lips moved, watching Li Fu said. Heard, Li Fu Jun face remains calm. By sitting on the couch, his face was cold and proud, watching Jiang Mu twilight Now call her back, I wait. This Jiang Mu Yan slightly timid brow, hesitated a moment, he looked at Fu said Master Leo, poetry child was spoiled childhood, and you know, after all, Li.and Jiang s relationship is good, Why should Master Li Li and her care about it. Heard, Li Fu s eyes slightly narrowed, a Jun face some secrecy, after a long while, seems to be a CISM it exam bit scared, said Small. things can not care about, CISM but this

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