Commercial Appraisals

commercial propertyInvesting in a property requires thorough planning and analysis. UCS Pigeon-Roy offers precise commercial appraisals that help clients reach a sound and beneficial real estate decision, overall allowing their businesses to thrive. Whether you are planning to purchase, sell, mortgage a wide spectrum of commercial properties, such as; office, industrial, institutional, multi-family apartment, church, retirement or nursing home, day care, school, hotel or motel, retail, mixed-use, Student Housing, Golf Course, Resorts, Auto/Truck Dealerships, Agricultural, Trailer Park, Gas Station, Vacant Land, Expropriation, Residential Subdivision, or condominium, our team of real estate professionals is ready to help you.

Broad Range of Valuation and Commercial Appraisal Services

Our commercial appraisals cover an extensive range of properties. Our experienced real estate appraisers are adept in providing well-researched commercial building appraisals in the Ottawa area.

Securing All Your Commercial Appraisal Needs

UCS Pigeon-Roy also provides commercial appraisals for the following real estate requirements:

Reserve Fund Study

We help potential purchasers, investors and mortgage holders secure the information they need when obtaining a property. This also assists condominium corporations in determining what they own, how much money they have and future costs.

Feasibility Study

If you are planning to invest in a commercial building, acquiring a feasibility study is also essential. Our real estate advisors provide feasibility studies that can help determine how advantageous your purchase can be, accounting its economic, financial and legal factors.


For more than 25 years, UCS (Usher Capordelis Sequin) Pigeon-Roy has been providing Insurance Appraisals for Condominium Managers and Owners. In Ontario, The Condominium Act states that the Corporation shall obtain and maintain insurance on behave of the owners for damage caused by major peril (fire, lighting, smoke, windstorm, etc.). We are the leading Insurance appraisal company in the Ottawa area, providing accurate, fast turn around with substantial discounts for portfolios and updated insurance (replacement cost) reports.

Mortgage Financing

Do you need to secure a mortgage of your commercial property? We also provide mortgage financing services to help you get through the underwriting process.
We also provide expert appraisals on division of assets, replacement costs, estate planning, expropriation, taxation and capital gains. UCS Pigeon-Roy is sure to help you with all your concerns regarding commercial building appraisals.

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