Residential Appraisal Services in Ottawa

residential appraisalPutting a residential property in the real estate market is plenty of work. Apart from ensuring that the home is in good condition, you should also secure a residential appraisal as well. UCS Pigeon-Roy provides a residential appraisal in Ottawa and other neighbouring areas within a 200 kilometre radius of Ottawa. We also assist homeowners who seek residential appraisals to fulfill mortgage requirements.

We will also help you with your valuation needs.

Understanding a Residential Appraisal Report

Our real estate professionals provide only detailed and accurate appraisal reports that our clients can understand and benefit. After performing an on-site property inspection, expect to see the following in our appraisal report:

  • Details of the subject property
  • Comparisons on other similar properties
  • Advantageous and unfavourable characteristics of the property
  • Estimated sales period of the property
  • Estimated market value of the property

UCS Pigeon-Roy only delivers client expectations with experience and professionalism. When appraising a single family house, our appraisers can evaluate through a sales comparison approach. Our residential appraisal services in Ottawa are sure to provide a report that meets your real estate needs.

Precise Valuations that Help Create the Right Decisions

From single-family homes to cooperative apartments and multi-unit family dwellings, UCS Advisors and Pigeon-Roy is sure to deliver precise residential appraisals that help sellers and homebuyers make the right decision. Other than buying and selling, our company provides appraisals on other real estate requirements as well.

  • Estate and Probate – We will help you determine the market value of a probate estate.
  • Power of Sale – Receive fair and professional advice on a power of sale related to a mortgage document.
  • Mortgage Financing – We will appraise your property if you are to use it as a mortgage requirement.
  • Bankruptcy – Expert and valuable appraisals for properties linked to bankruptcies.
  • Matrimonial – Recently married? Let us appraise your residential property.
  • Expropriation – Appraisals for homes that are soon to be state-owned.

Let our real estate professionals assist with your residential appraisal needs.

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